It’s mass-supplied with adjustable press so as to make even the thickness of dough when entering in the die. The cut of dough can be carried out by manual electric control or through programming by timer for continuous duty. On models MGR15 and MGR25 the cut of dough is made manually. All surfaces in touch with dough are in Stainless Steel. Output can achieve 50 kg per hour. Dies are easily interchangeable with the only intervention on two knobs. The speed of the exit belt is regulable for being adapted to every type of product in order to avoid stretching or accumulation of dough. The assembling system on the trolley has been studied so as to obtain a minimum volume of space in rest position.
In addition to the die supplied on delivery (to be stated when ordering) various models are available by request:
– Mod. C Ø 4 to Ø 24 mm
– Mod. B (for biscuits) having a thickness 3 to 12 mm
– Mod. S (for rolled pasta dough) having a thickness 3 to 12 mm

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