Ideal for range applications. Can make both round and long loaves of different weigths and sizes.Can make loaves from 200 grams min up to 4000 grams max; can also produce long loaves of different length.The upper part of the machine, which rounds the loaves, can be used either separately from or combined with the lower part, which makes long loaves, by simply shifting a switch.You can adjust the movable bell eccentricity of the round loaf moulder, as well as the roller and moulding-table position, at your choice, thus enabling highest precision for the whole process.The AF-type features a fixed table at the long loaf moulder outfeed side; the AF/M-type features a movable conveyor belt that carries the round loaves, when it is in the lower one. Their high efficiency, (up to 1500 pcs/hour) and the perfect combination of the machines, help you save much time out of the whole process.

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