Semiautomatic Bun Divider and Rounding Series MSRS

The MSRS range semi-automatic bun rounding divider has been conceived to obtain round buns of variable weights very rapidly. The production range features six versions for 15/20/22/30/36/52 pieces. Thanks to the rational and attentive design it is possible to obtain, with simple operations, perfectly cut and rounded pieces, without altering the rising process of the dough. With this machine it is possible to process any type of dough, obtaining good results in every case, as the pressing operation is done manually and is therefore proportionate to the density of the dough being processed. The machine is self lufrification. Without any modification, the machine can be used only as divider. The electrical system complies with CE Standards. Models MSRS 30/ MSRS 20/MSRS 36 are with gear box that contqains an oil bath wich automatically lubrificates all parts of the mechanism, so as to guarantee an extended machine life.

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