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Thank you for your interest in Mac Pan products. Quality has always been our primary objective, and we have made it a veritable company style: it can be seen in both the product and the service offered by our commercial and technical staff. Our total dedication to quality has rewarded us in terms of customer satisfaction; the satisfaction of our sales personnel has spurred us on to strive for continuous improvement and for your continued satisfaction.

Our Products

Mac Pan has considerable experience gained over many years in overhauling and manufacturing cake-making machinery. It has designed its own machines based on innovative principles, and new design and production criteria. As a result, the machines respond to the requirements of both the end user and current regulations. Mac Pan guarantees a complete after-sales service offering customised systems which will suit any of your requirements.

See us in Action

See our quality products in use by our clients. Take a look through our videos of our equipment in action. See our new Water Doser delivering any quantity of water with an accuracy up to 99.9%. Take a look at our new servo driven cake and batter depositor at production speed of upto 1800 units per hr with this size muffin, making no mess into tulip papers. See Macpans electric servo drive depositor, able to cope with most tins and trays.

Macpan Automatic Pie Line 1500 per hr

The macpan retailer pie machine can manufacture meat pies at an output speed of 1500 pies per hour.

Trays are manually fed to the machine and firstly pass under the bottoms pastry pin and pastry laid and then dragged onto the pie pallet. The pallet then passes under the tray forming station which impresses the pastry into the pie form. The tray emerges from the station and pastry is water misted to allow adhesion of the top pastry when applied.

The next step the tray indexes to the depositor station and each tin is filled with a measured quantity of meat. The next process the filled pie pallet travels under the tops pastry pin where tops pastry is laid on top, the pallet then passé through the trim where a pneumatic operated stamper/plate is pressurised against the pie pallet and the top pastry is crimped against the bottom pastry and trimmed around the pie tin. The tray then exits the machine and is manually de-scraped.

Australian-Made Bakery Equipment

At Macpan, we manufacture and produce high-quality bakery and pastry equipment right here in Australia. Our Australian-made equipment is produced using only the very finest quality supplies and materials. We offer a range of Australian-made products including our Conveyorised Egg Wash machines, Automatic Muffin, Cake, and Batter Depositors, Mobile Egg Wash machines, Wholesale Pie Machines, Humidity Units, Vari Fillers, VVF Volumetric Var-Fillers, Proofer Retarders, Retailer Pie Machines, Single Door Reach-in Proofers, and Cyclops Auto Cake and Batter Depositors.

All of these machines are tried and tested to ensure that it meets our incredibly high quality-assurance testing. We supply our commercial bakery equipment to bakeries, patisseries, supermarkets, and food equipment retailers across Australia. Our Australian-made equipment is used by some of the market leaders in the food and bakery industry.

We have a highly responsive 24/7 service department on hand to service any requests related to our equipment and machinery for your peace of mind. To find out more about our incomparable Australian-made bakery and patisserie equipment, contact us today.